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Fees and charges

Below is a list of our standard charges for title and settlement services.  In most cases the fees are accurate, however, there are exceptions if there are additional services needed or a third party service company is required.

* = normally charged to seller     ** = normally charged to buyer/borrower

Title Search:              $75.00 if closing in our office (charged at closing)   * 

Closing fee:               Buyer with financing $625.00-$695.00  |  Buyer cash $495.00 | Seller $495.00 |  Refinance $495.00       * and **

Title Insurance:         Florida Rates  =  $575.00 for the first $100,000.00 plus $5.00 per thousand above  (applies up to 1 million) *

                                  (e.g. sales price of 250k  would be  $575.00 (first 100k) +  $750.00  (150 * 5.00)  =  $1325.00)  

Simultaneous Issue Rate for Loan policies:       $450.00 **

Endorsements (8.1, Condo, PUD):                     $115.00 **

Florida Form 9 End.:                                          10% of the total combined premiums **

HOA estoppel fees (if applicable):                     This is charged by the HOA to the seller. Please estimate at least $250.00 *

HOA transfer fees (if applicable):                      This is charged by the HOA and paid by the buyer. Fee can range from $100 to $1500.00 **

Lien Search fee:                                                  $95.00 - $145.00 (depending on property location and municipality)   *

Recording fees estimate:                                     Cash transaction range $23.00 - $50.00  Loan Transaction range $150.00 - $250.00    **

Survey:                                                                $300.00 estimate  (Lot and Block property types) Acreage will be higher.
International Wire fees:                                       $65.00 each wire  ( NO charge for domestic wires)

Legal Documents needed for closing:                 No charge

(e.g. power of attorney)

Title Search only:                                                $150.00 (residential)  | $250.00 (commercial)

Courtesy Closing:                                                Cash buyer or seller $75.00;   Buyer/borrower loan $150.00;   Seller only $75.00
Escrow Hold:                                                       No charge
Mobile Closing (our file):                                    No charge


Additional charges will apply for specialized transactions involving construction loans, 1031 exchanges and some FIRPTA transactions. There are instances where additional fees must be charged for clearing title matters but only if there is a cost to us.  We DO NOT charge you extra to do our job. 

Note:    The sales contract should specify who is paying the above charges, therefore, the buyer/seller designation may not be accurate based on  your contractual agreement.

Note:    On a refinance all charges are charged to the borrower.

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